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Ardians & Co. – Attorney and Counsellor at Law also provides legal services in the form of:

Mediation services conducted by the Mediator against two (or more) parties who are in a conflict or do not find harmony so that they face each other

Advocacy services involve a number of related parties, moreover there are certain parties based on certain levels or levels that are different

Legal Services which provide solutions to clients in order to overcome problems that occur in the company in accordance with applicable laws.

Legal services are provided in the form of retainer lawyers or permanent lawyers in a company.

Legal services that provided in the form of drafting certain documents required by the client (Subpoena, Agreement, etc).

We provide legal training programs to help clients understand related legal aspects such as laws and regulations, etc

To support the client in protecting his company from every case of fraud allegedly committed by internal workers, by using an anti-fraud system in the company’s organization. In cases where fraud has taken place, we also provide an investigation service to uncover fraudsters