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Ardians Foundation conducted a community service activity involving distributing rice and Ramadan prayer schedules (Imsakiyah).

(Bekasi, 13/03/2024)

On Wednesday, March 13, 2023, Ardians Foundation, an organization affiliated with Ardians & Co Law Office – Attorney and Counselor At Law, led by its founder Mr. Muhammad Hadi Ardiansyah Nasution, S.H., M.H., C.P.L., conducted a social service activity by distributing rice and pamphlets containing the Ramadan prayer schedule (Imsakiyah) to the local community in need.

The event took place in the late afternoon before breaking the fast, specifically around Mr. Hadi’s residence in Cluster Pesona Jaka Mulya Permai, South Bekasi.

After distributing rice to the residents in need within the cluster, Mr. Hadi and his team proceeded to Grand Kota Bintang, Bekasi, to distribute rice and pamphlets along the streets.

This event was particularly significant, coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims observe fasting. Recipients of the rice were grateful, especially given the recent high prices. The Ramadan prayer schedule pamphlets were intended to help recipients be punctual in performing their five daily prayers, as well as knowing the times for suhoor (pre-dawn meal), imsak (start of fasting), and iftar (breaking of fast).

For Ardians Foundation, this activity marked the beginning of a series of future social initiatives planned to alleviate the burdens of others and ensure that local residents and their families have sufficient food.

Ardians Foundation was established by Ardians & Co Law Office, with Mr. M. Rofiaddin as Chairman and Mr. Muhammad Hadi as the Foundation’s mentor.

Looking forward to the next activities by Ardians Foundation!